Thursday, 29 September 2011


It's all about the Quality. I have a reputation to maintain and as such will not compromise on the quality of my product and continually seek to improve what I offer. No gimmicks, no fancy nonsense just a rugged functional bite alarm that won't let you down. Designed and hand built in the UK by qualified engineers where every component has been selected to be functional and durable and has seen at least a seasons Piking before being offered to my customers.

Since their commercial release in 2006 Billy's Backbiters have set the standard for the way a Pikers bite alarm should be. These are the alarms I use and these are the alarms that I have developed over the years on the bank whilst Piking through all conditions.

No other Alarm offers these Key features;

Fully Waterproof Box

Fully Waterproof Key components
Solar PTFE line clip as standard
Duracell Battery as standard
Plastic coated bankstick clips
ATTX Compatibility
Hinged arms with sliding weight to adjust sensitivity

What you buy is a quality product backed up with a quality service. I can personalise your Backbiter to suit your own requirements and in the rare event that your Backbiter fails it will be repaired and returned the same week.

A recent PB Zander on 15lb40z caught using a Billys Backbiter